Barley Hollow Girls

​Carla Joy  11/23/1963-1/10/2017

​Tracy Lynn, Author                  Back Then

In loving memory of my son, Scott Zimmerman II, you were my inspiration for living and viewing the world in a unique way, I have forever lost a piece of my heart that you hold in heaven with you! I miss you always!!!!

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I am a business owner and  I  am an aspiring writer and started  writing in 1989 and still write today.  I have been working on stories , since my early twenties  and I have worked on writing both children stories, as well as stories to inspire older people. I have some of my children's stories almost ready to be finished and I have finished my first novel, Milton. I write under the name of Tracy Lynn, my first and middle name. I was born in Kentucky, and from those childhood experiences, I have gotten my inspiration for my children's books. Some of my Ancestry comes from Europe, so My inspiration for some of my other books comes from that. I had three wonderful children, my oldest, Scotty, I lost in 2017, my daughter, who is my middle child, is married. I have one grandchild, Casper, whom I am raising. I also have a great husband, who support me in whatever I want to do. I have lived in California, Tennessee, Florida, and now am back here in Kentucky, where I continue to perfect my writing and to work on my dreams. I am a Lutheran by faith and contribute god for all I have experienced this far in life and know that he will continue to guide and watch over me.                                                                                               I had one sister, Carla Joy, who was a great writer as well and published her first book: My Cancerous Hoo Hah, A story of cervical cancer, which is available on

​Scotty 12/30/1983 - 8/8/2017

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In loving memory of my sister, Carla Joy, who was an inspiration and Author and Photographer, I will always miss you!!!

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I have ran my product business from home since 2002, and I started my business website in 2014. I am happy with the way my website looks. Only my books are sold through this website now! (Please leave any comments or suggestions on my contact page).

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