The Unicorn Notebook               (In Process of writing)              2nd Book

​This is a story about a unicorn princess and her Kingdom in the valleys and hills of the highlands of Scotland. All seems to be going well until a vengeful resident decides to break all of the Magical/ Human realm laws and the princess becomes trapped in a notebook.

The Land of Valveron, Belcaunion     (In process)

This is a story about an elven prince and his fellow elves' battle to keep his kingdom out of the hands of an evil ????

The Gem stones         (In Process)

This is a story about three related women, who are witches by day and vampires by night, who face mortal danger after they are discovered by a ruthless nobleman.

The Hidden Spring       (In Process)

This is a story about an enchanted kingdom located underneath a 300 year old family tree in the yard of a Kentucky family.

 ​All works are in progress and are already copyrighted!

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​These are the books I am currently working on for Adults and teens. I hope you find their stories interesting.Enjoy!!!

Barley Hollow Girls