These are the books I am currently working on for Adults and Teens, I hope you find their stories interesting. Enjoy!!!

​​​​​Milton      1st Book       Available to Buy

A follow up to Elizabeth Gaskell's novel "North and South". This is a story about John Thornton and Margaret Hale, who are living during the time of great poverty and rising cotton mill factories in Europe and the town that they live in called Milton. Where running a cotton mill takes strength of character and compassion for those around you who are living lesser valued lives. Will they find the strength to survive?

Gargoyle Manor

This is a story of a family and their historical manor, which has seen many changes throughout its existence in history from savage Indians to civil war soldiers and Morgan's Raiders, to the spirits that roam its halls, because they died there or on the manor grounds. Will Katherine and her daughter be able to hold on to their ancestral home, when violent things start to happen around them, or will their Kentucky manor have another bloody battle on its doorstep once again.


 This is a story about a young guy and his rather moody cat, Tabitha Chubbiebunny and the adventures they have. 

All works are in progress and are already copyrighted!

Barley Hollow Girls