THE PRINCE                                                 I stood upon the fiery plain                              I saw the trees go up in flames                          and looking down in  pouring rain

I saw a figure , dont know his name  

he was laying there with a beard and scruffy hair something inside me said I needed to care  

He wore a jewel around his neck 

which was placed there by a dwarf I bet

He lay there in the greatest splendor

with robes and furs and eyes that shimmered

the moon above shown on his face  

my breath escaped and went some place  

I felt my heart break deep inside

as I realized that my prince had died 

By Tracy Lynn                              


Everything I post here I have spent time on perfecting. It may not be to everyone's taste, but enjoy looking at what I am up to with my writing!

I am currently working on these titles for children:                                              

LAND OF THE ANIMAL KING, which is about a young boy named Scooter, who has daydreamed his self into a land that he rules with animals, fairies and other magical creatures.                                                                                                

ONIONVILLE TREASURES, which is a series of books about an onion family and their vegetable neighbors who live in the town of Onionville.                                                

SCAR , which is a story about a scarred up catfish that teaches school for the little fish and is trying to solve the mystery of two of his students going missing.                                                

ZIMMY THE SPACE BOY, as a new commander, Zimmy must save his planet as well as his entire galazy from distruction.

All works are in progress and are already copyrighted!!

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The sun has fallen on the night        

The moon is up and shining bright    

The stars are shining a pick me up    

That grabs my soul and takes it up    

The tranquil breeze is blowing by        

It lightly feathers my hair and eye    

This wonderful night that we employ    

Has come to stay and not annoy      

The fragrant scent of jasmine night    

Has scented all the fireflies lights          

I look with joy up to the sky          

And wish that I could somehow fly      

To reach the tall blue silvery night    

Would be my joy and delight          

That no one else could ever know        

The joy I felt as I looked below                  

By Tracy Lynn