Here I will give you my thoughts and what is going on in my life and maybe even some fun facts, I hope you find my life as entertaining as my children apparently do.

April 29. 2021

Well this year so far has been filled with masks, separation of six feet, changes in presidency, black lives mattering, although all lives have always mattered, I don't understand why others don't get that point, January this year saw two birthdays celebrated in unique ways because of covid, but we have survived it with happiness. there are lots of people out there who have hated the isolation of this pandemic, but I feel in a lot of ways it has brought families closer together. This month my grandson turned 3 years and he had all of his family together for the first time in almost a year to celebrate it, I believe he was overwhelmed by the pinata however, not really getting the concept of using a much too heavy bat to whack at a poor sloth that appeared to be defenseless, lol. he had to get daddy's help just to put a small hole in it, he did however understand the candy part.  We lost our family's beloved cockatiel, Porky, at the beginning of the month, which saddened our hearts, Porky was 28 years old and my family has had him since he was first hatched practically. We will miss your songs, Porky!!! I hope that everyone is staying safe, finding happiness, and living their best lives. Please know I think of my fans, my relatives and my friends and  hope you are enjoying your lives., because every day is surprising to me on what it may bring about in the world! Also thanks to fans that have sent me gifts, they are both surprising and unexpected! Love to all,  and stay safe and blessed, sincerely, Tracy Lynn

Barley Hollow Girls