I have Three Dogs,                                              Mandy 11 yrs,  Mandy is my dog! I also have Maddie, 13 yrs and Leira, 11 yrs, who I inherited from my sister.                                                   I have eight Cats,                                              

Casper​, 11 yrs, who was a previous cats son  

Tabitha, 11 yrs, my son's cat, we rescued her from my daughter's college when she was found in the parking lot as a kitten.

Lilu, 11 yrs, we rescued from my daughter's college, when her mother was hit by a car, leaving four kittens, lilu was the only black one and people didn't want her because she was black, so we took her.

 Harry Potter, 9 yrs, â€‹Hermione Granger, 9 yrs, Ron Weasley, 9 yrs, Draco Malfoy, 9 yrs and Hiccup Haddock III, 9 yrs, are all Lilu's kittens and the same siamese cat down the road in Jacksonville, Florida. that was Casper's  father. 

Every single one of them is a precious thing to me, I have always loved animals, I have even had a Ball Python Snake,(piper) an Iguana, (Buffy), an Asian Aquatic Turtle, (Franklin), a Crawdad, (Digger) and various other animals in the past.

Barley Hollow Girls