Barley Hollow Girls

I have one Bird,                                               Porky, 25 yrs, he was my mother's bird. I inherited him when she died!          

I have four Dogs,                                                 Mack, 10 yrs, and Mandy 10 yrs, Mack is my husband's dog and Mandy is my dog! I also have Maddie, 11 yrs and Lera, 9 yrs, who I inherited from my sister.                                                           I have eleven Cats,                                                Shadow, 16 yrs, my daughter's cat,who we have had since her birth

,Casper​, 10 yrs, who is Shadow's son and a siamese cat's son, who lived down the road from us in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Soara, 10 yrs, who we found in the sewer drain on the road we lived on when he was a kitten, so I rescued him, he is blind.. 

Tabitha, 10 yrs, my son's cat, we rescued her from my daughter's college when she was found in the parking lot as a kitten.

Lilu, 9 yrs, we rescued from my daughter's college, when her mother was hit by a car, leaving four kittens, lilu was the only black one and people didn't want her because she was black, so we took her.

 Harry Potter, 8 yrs, â€‹Hermione Granger, 8 yrs, Ron Weasley, 8 yrs,Draco Malfoy, 8 yrs and Hiccup Haddock III, 8 yrs, are all Lilu's kittens and the same siamese cat down the road in Jacksonville, Florida. that was Casper's  father. 

Buster, 12 yrs, I inherited, he was my sister,s cat,  Every single one of them is a precious thing to me, I have always loved animals, I have even had a Ball Python Snake,(piper) an Iguana, (Buffy), an Asian Aquatic Turtle, (Franklin), a Crawdad, (Digger) and various other animals in the past.